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DUI Law & Consequences of Its Breach

by Howdy

It is widely known that every law in every state strictly prohibits DUI or Driving Under the Influence. While we do know what it stands for, we do not have in-depth knowledge of what the law states and how severe the punishment can be. DUI law is prevalent in almost every state in the world and is accompanied by very harsh penalties. Although a good DUI defense attorney can get a favourable and less harsh punishment, there are some far-reaching consequences of being booked under DUI.

Let us take a closer look at what constitutes under the law of DUI, its punishments, penalties, and consequences. 


Driving Under the Influence or DUI is a driving violation that is concerned with the impairment of senses due to the influence of any substance, drugs, or alcohol. DUI booking can lead to several harsh penalties, and their severity is dependent on the blood alcohol content found on the driver. All over the world, this ranges between 0.5- 0.8 % typically. 

Now that we know what DUI stands for let us take a look at the laws regarding this violation.

Law Regarding DUI

Every state in the entire world has some laws and regulations regarding DUI. These laws ensure that people do not drive while under the influence of any substance, as it poses a life threat to themselves, their passengers, and pedestrians. While some states go for harsher punishments like mandatory jail time, some put that decision in the hands of the judge. But fines and penalties for a DUI charge are prevalent almost everywhere. A good DUI defense attorney can help you know about all the necessary laws and restrictions if you ever get booked under DUI. 

Let us look at some of the penalties under DUI. 

Prison term

In some states, jail time is mandatory, while in others, it can be adjusted. For example, in some states, a first-time offender does not get booked for jail time but will end up in jail if they repeat the offence. Again, in some states, jail time gets extended with the repetition of the offence. 


Almost every state law demands fines for DUI. But the amount varies across the countries. While the first-time fine is a little low and ranges between $500- $2000, it can escalate to thousands if repeated. 

Driver’s License Restrictions

A DUI offender often gets their license suspended. This can occur for some months to years to permanent suspension, depending on the scale of offence. Sometimes license suspension can also occur if the driver refuses to take alcohol, blood, urine, or blood tests. 


DUI is a serious offence that leads to several punishments and penalties under various state laws. Thus one should always be careful while driving and avoid driving altogether if under any influence. While a DUI defense attorney can get you a favourable judgment, you should be careful not to make or repeat this offence. DUI poses a threat to the driver, his passengers, and pedestrians and is strictly prohibited. 


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